Glider Rides

2,000 feet $70.00
3,000 feet $95.00
4,000 feet $145.00
Mile high $195.00

Since it is a glider without an engine, we are unable to guarantee flight times. Typical flights are 15 to 45 minutes depending on altitude and daily conditions. The glider is a two-place glider piloted by an FAA licensed, certified flight instructor. We have had no glider ride accidents in over thirty years we have been in business. Reservations are strongly encouraged.

If the person taking a flight is only interested in experiencing motorless flight, the 2,000 ft flight is a never–to-be-forgotten experience. If the person is interested in aviation or a pilot, the higher flights are suggested. All gliders have dual controls and you will be given the opportunity to try flying yourself if you like. A person who is interested in taking flying lessons would be best served by purchasing the book, Glider Basics From First Flight To Solo from our web site.

Gift certificates are available by phoning the office at (814) 355 2483