Rigging and Checking Your Glider
by Tom Knauff

When a glider is assembled, with the exception of one man rigging, it usually requires two people.

The second person needs to become an integral part of the rigging and checking process and confirm the first person (pilot?) has indeed completed the assembly process.

Each of us can play a role in safety, and I am sure some are hesitant to become more involved, but how difficult is it to simply watch the assembly process and verify all the steps were done?

In many cases, the assembly process is interrupted by some distraction. How else to explain, a person can install the tailplane and fail to make the all-important connection?

Distractions also play a role while a pilot performs the critical pre-takeoff checklist. It is common for people to stand around the nose of a glider waiting to take off while a pilot is supposed to be performing the checklist.

While assembling and preparing for flight, the pilot must not be distracted, and bystanders (each of us) can play an important role by politely removing offending people from the immediate area.