Your Flight Training

You are scheduled for one of our popular flight training courses!

It is very important for you to arrive prepared for flying lessons. This includes reading the flight-training textbook before your arrival so you have the required knowledge. If you have not read the textbook, you may cause a delay in your flight training, and perhaps not be able to fulfill the requirements during the period.

The Federal Aviation Administration sets the guidelines and requirements to become a pilot. These rules can be found in the Federal Aviation Regulations, Part 61. It is our responsibility to ensure you receive all required training and for you to demonstrate the knowledge requirements.

In addition to the flight-training manual, you will be required to read additional texts, particularly the Accident Prevention Manual (Judgment training) and appropriate parts of the Federal Aviation Regulations. These two books can be read in the evenings during your flight training.

New students should read Glider Basics From First Flight To Solo and complete the end of chapter tests.

Transition pilots (those having a pilotís license) will read Transition To Gliders.

To become a safe pilot, you will develop a small library of texts. These references are listed in the bibliography of the flight training manuals.

If you do not have a current edition of these books, please contact us so we can ship them to you.

We offer the following package of recommended books at a 25% discount.

Complete Private Kit For Student Glider Pilots

Glider Basics From First Flight To Solo
After Solo
Glider Flying Handbook
FAR's For Glider Pilots
Aeronautical Information Manual
FAA Written Test Questions and Answers
Pilot's Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge
Accident Prevention Manual for Glider Pilots
Understanding the Sky
Glider Pilot Logbook
Airspace for Glider Pilots CD-ROM

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